[Nintendo 64] CoolN64 Plus

CoolN64 Plus
Full nameCoolN64
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Region USA USA
OS Android
Console Nintendo 64 (Download Rom)

If you are looking for a good Nintendo 64 emulator on Android, CoolN64 Plus is the best choice. The application developed by TimboMachimbo, a member of the XDA forum.

About CoolN64 Plus

Nintendo 64 is one of the most popular handheld game consoles ever released by Nintendo. It is one of the best-selling consoles in history with more than 40 million copies worldwide. The success of the N64 not only comes from its unique design and impressive performance but also the appeal of tons of exclusive game series ever released on it. You will certainly not forget the legendary game series on this platform such as Super Mario, The Legen of Zelda, or Donkey Kong. They are both the first releases that marked the series’ great success on later platforms. Now, you can easily enjoy all those exciting games right on your Android smartphone thanks to the emulators. CoolN64 Plus is one of them. And it is for the best. The app instantly turns your smartphone into a full-featured Nintendo 64 console. This app is currently not available on the Play Store so you can only install it using APK files. We have also provided you with the latest version of CoolN64 APK file in this article.

Key features

As mentioned, CoolN64 is an emulator that lets you play all N64 games on Android. The app also offers many features to help you optimize and speed up your gaming experience. Here are its outstanding features:

  • A lot of options to optimize the gaming experience: Go to Menu-> Settings, you can see that CoolN64 offers a lot of different customizations to help you optimize application performance. It also provides a smoother gaming experience. Specifically, you can change the resolution of the game to the highest setting (Native) for a great visual experience. Besides, there are also many other customization options on the display such as Zoom, Screen Scaling, Immersive mode, Framerate on and off.
  • Controls: The standard controls for an N64 device include: A button, B button, Start button, C buttons, D-pad, R button, L button,
    , Z button and Analog-stick. When you play games with CoolN64, these keys will be displayed on the screen. You can set the buttons to reposition or resize them for the most comfortable experience. Usually, the default key placement is already optimized, you just need to change their size accordingly.
  • Save and load easily: CoolN64 allows you to save your game progress at any time. You can then download and continue playing whenever. The save files will be saved in the device memory. Especially, even when you quit the application suddenly, all processes will remain the same. As soon as you reopen the app, you can continue playing the game.
  • Flat interface: CoolN64 has a simple interface designed in Material style. The menu access options are also well-designed. It offers a comfortable experience for the user.
  • Controller Support: There’s nothing better than enjoying your favorite game with one controller. CoolN64 supports connecting most of today’s popular controllers including Android Gamepad, IControlPad, USB N64 Adapter, and Xbox.

In addition, CoolN64 also has many other outstanding features such as support for cheat codes, allowing to increase game speed, setting multiple profiles on the same device, allowing add Texture Packs to optimize images. ..

How to run the game?

Note that the CoolN64 does not include games. Therefore, you need to download them from the Internet. They are the Roms of the game. To start enjoying the games, you need to make sure you have downloaded the appropriate game ROM. We’ve also provided you with the most popular N64 games HERE. Well, here is a guide to help you play a game completely with CoolN64:

  1. Download the APK file we provided then install it. You already have CoolN64 on your device. Now open it.
  2. At the main screen of the application, select Refresh Game.
  3. Browse to the ROM file you already have. You can save it in the internal memory or SD card. Wait a few seconds for the app to load the game.
  4. After the game loading process is complete, you will see the game icon displayed in the game list on the main screen.
  5. Tap It, then select Start. You can also choose Setting to change options for the game’s controls, resolution, and image quality.
  6. Enjoy the game.

Note: CoolN64 requires permission to access the Media and the device’s internal storage.


There are many emulators that allow you to play N64 games on Android but CoolN64 is definitely the best. The application offers all the features that allow you to optimize your gaming experience. Better yet, CoolN64 is completely free. Application without advertising or any IAP. Therefore, you will be completely comfortable to use. If you want to find another Nintendo N64 emulator, you can check it HERE.