[Super Nintendo] Snes9x

Full nameSnes9x
File size0.0
Region USA USA
OS Android , Windows
Console Super Nintendo (Download Rom)

Welcome to Snes9x, the best Super Nintendo emulator on Windows. The Android version of the app is also now available as Snes9x EX +. Snes9x is completely free, you can even run the Portable version to use it without installation. Basically, this app allows you to use your PC to play most SNES games and the Super Famicom Nintendo game system.

Like any other emulator, Snes9x does not come with games. Therefore, you need to download the appropriate ROMs to play. We have also provided you with most of the most popular SNES ROM for download HERE. What you need to do is download the ROMs file then run it directly in the application. Currently, the application supports Roms file formats are .smc, .sfc, ZIP or RAR. With compressed files, you don’t need to unzip it because the app will do it automatically.

In terms of performance, Snes9x can run all SNES games at maximum frame rate with an impeccable picture and sound quality. You can experience most of the iconic titles on this platform like Chrono Trigger, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Final Fantasy VI, Super Mario Bros. 3, Lufia. The app also allows you to save and sync your progress at any time.

The main interface of Snes9x simulates exactly what a SuperNintendo device has with its intuitive control system. Besides, the application also supports connecting Bluetooth controllers. That means you can play games with a controller without touching the screen. The app also adds a number of other features to optimize performance and enhance the gaming experience such as increased frame rate, improved graphics, audio control, Super Scope support, and more.

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