[Super Nintendo] SNESDroid

Full nameSNESDroid
File size1.0MB
Region USA USA
OS Android
Console Super Nintendo (Download Rom)

SNESDroid is a SNES emulator on Android developed and released by Halsafar. This app turns your Android smartphone into a Super Nintendo device to play all the great games of the platform. The developer says that SNESDroid is completely free and does not require root access. It is compatible with devices running Android 5.0 or later. The app also supports multipoint so you won’t pick up any difficulties while controlling. SNESDroid also allows you to customize the control system such as changing the position, resizing buttons for you to completely comfortable playing.

To start playing the game, you need to download the rom files of the games you want. They are usually in ZIP format. Then, copy the file to the appropriate path. After completing these steps, you will see the game icon appear in the list of games in the emulator, just tap on it to start playing. Note that SNESDroid is currently only available on Android. If you are looking for an SNES emulator on Windows, you should try Snes9x.

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