Harvest Moon Roms

Title Console Downloads
USA Harvest Moon – Hero Of Leaf Valley 35
USA Harvest Moon – More Friends Of Mineral Town 57


Harvest Moon is one of the cult role-playing video game series with the setting of Natsume farm. Basically, your goal through the game is to build your own farm, which is old and previously destroyed. You will also have to turn it into the most successful farms. The most recent game released for Microsoft Windows is Harvest Moon: Light of Hope in 2017.
Previously, Natsume was licensed to publish the series of the same name in the North American market. However, later on, Maverlous jumped into a copyright dispute and for some reason, the company obtained distribution rights in the North American series in 2014. However, Natsume circumvented the law by producing its own series with a different name and proceeded to publish parallel game versions on the North American market. Xseed is a subsidiary of Marvelous that stood out to localize this game under the name Story of Seasons.
2007 was the year that the first game in the series was first released in the light version as Puzzle de Harvest Moon on the Nintendo platform. However, until 2014, Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley, the best-selling game of this series with the most authentic farm simulations in the new generation, has made a very good impression. With fans of this game franchise. This version also did not have the parallel production of Marvelous.