Kirby Roms

Title Console Downloads
USA Kirby – Squeak Squad 44
Europe Kirby And The Amazing Mirror 54
Japan Hoshi No Kirby 64 41
USA Kirby’s Dream Land 3 49
Japan Koro Koro Kirby 63
USA Kirby – Canvas Curse 48
USA Kirby Super Stars Ultra 54
USA Kirby – Nightmare In Dreamland 62
USA Kirby Air Ride 76
Europe Kirby's Adventure 73


Kirby is one of the popular game series on Nintendo consoles. It was developed by HAL Laboratory. Along with Mario and Zelda, Kirby is one of the most familiar and famous symbols that Nintendo has ever created. First appeared in 1992, so far more than 20 games about Kirby have been released and millions of copies of the game have been sold worldwide. They are games of all genres like Platform action, puzzles, racing, fighting, and Battle Royale.

Kirby is shaped like a colored ball and has short arms. According to information provided by Nintendo, this character is only about 8 inches tall. Originally, Kirby was pale pink in color. In many later versions of the game, this character has additional colors such as blue, yellow, red … Don’t let Kirby’s small size fool you because he is truly a hero with special skills. One skill that makes a brand is absorbing and copying strengths from competitors. Besides, Kirby can inflate itself to fly in the air, or slide across the terrain to break obstacles.

The stories in Kirby games often happen in the kingdom of Dream Land, where dreams are always sweet and wonderful. Kirby lives in a small house at Pop Star. The villains who regularly appear throughout the series are King Dedele and Metal Knight. The adventures in the game often revolve around protecting the peace of Dream Land against the plot from the bad guys.

This is where we give you all ROMs of this game. You will find the most popular Kirby games and their ROM files. Note that to be able to play the games, you need to use an emulator that matches the ROM.