[Amiga 500] Aaargh!

Full nameAaargh!
File size496.9KB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Amiga 500 (Download Emulator)

With the challenge of fighting in diverse contexts, Aaargh! is an addictive game. This game is produced by Binary Design and Sculptured Software. Besides, it was available for many platforms such as MS-DOS, Apple IIGS, Commodore 64, Arcade … In which, the Amiga 500 platform was released by Electronic Arts.

Aaargh!’s content is easy to understand, it offers two characters to choose, a lizard that looks similar to a dragon (but without wings) and a giant (like a Cyclopes of Greek mythology). The game’s goal is to find and collect the Roc’s eggs. There are five eggs to collect. If you complete, you will reach the location where the hidden golden egg to collect and complete the game.

The game’s context will take place on an island, Lost Island. In this place, there are ten different cities, and each will be hiding an egg in a different structure. Your task is to destroy these cities to collect eggs. Each will correspond to a level, with all five required eggs, you will be taken to the city under a volcano to collect golden eggs. From there, the number of levels to complete is 11. Besides, each of them will provide a city with different civilizations (Ancient Egypt, Japan, Maya …).

After winning the egg, players will be taken to a battle to officially own them. In case you do not defeat the enemy, they will steal the egg from your hand. At one level, players will move on a limited area, and you have to quickly destroy structures to find eggs. Players will go to the next level after collecting eggs or destroying the city. Besides, players also face some other monsters. They will appear from different directions, and the player can destroy them to receive additional bonus points. Moreover, players can also get bonus points by collecting bonus items (which appear after a structure is destroyed) or cannibalizing the city’s residents.

The combat content will take place in a 2.5D environment, allowing players to move in different directions to complete the mission. Besides, this game also receives many good reviews on image quality. Smooth motion and colors are harmonious, providing the player with beautiful images.

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