[Amiga 500] Airborne Ranger

Airborne Ranger
Full nameAirborne Ranger
File size388.1KB
Region USA USA
Console Amiga 500 (Download Emulator)

At the launch time (1989), the Airborne Ranger is an engaging simulation and action game. In addition, it is also the first game that has special activities such as sneaky movement to not be spotted or steal the enemy’s uniform to blend into their barracks. This game is designed and developed by MicroProse Software, Inc. In addition, this game is also available for many versions such as ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, Amiga …

This game has an easy-understand content, the player will become a soldier of the special forces of the US Air Force. You have to perform many different tasks as ordered by the commander. They will be performed inside the enemy’s line and the player has to have smart thinking to complete the mission. The game will not be too focused on the challenges. Instead, the player has to have clever strategies in performing a mission.

Airborne Ranger owns two main game modes as Veteran and Practice. In Veteran mode, there is a diverse system of tasks with specific requirements. From there, players will have to randomly select one of the many available missions to perform. As for Practice mode, players will participate in tasks with simple requirements to become familiar with the character’s control and movement.

The missions that the player will discover include liberating prisoners of war, attacking the enemy’s logistics facilities, kidnapping a commanding officer of the enemy … In a task, players will have to conduct them in three different stages. The first is to select items that you can bring while on missions. They include magazine (used for assault rifles), rocket guns, grenades, ambulance boxes, and time bombs. In addition, each will have a specific weight, and each volume of items that players can carry will be limited. Therefore, players have to make a reasonable calculation in which items to bring to meet the goal of completing the task. The second is that the player moves with a V-22 Osprey and chooses a safe parachuting area. Finally, the third is to achieve the goals that the mission requires and reach the withdrawal position.

On the Amiga platform, this game has normal graphics, and color system designs relatively blurred. However, the characters’ movements are still careful such as lying on the ground, walking, or crawling on the ground.

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