[Amiga 500] Allo Allo! Cartoon Fun!

Allo Allo! Cartoon Fun!
Full nameAllo Allo! Cartoon Fun!
File size367.7KB
Genre Action , Platform
Region USA USA
Console Amiga 500 (Download Emulator)

Allo Allo! Cartoon Fun! is an adventure and entertainment game with funny images. This game was developed by Alternative Software for the Amiga platform in 1993. Besides, it was based on an entertainment program which was the same name as the BBC (shown from 1982 to 1992). This program was built in the context of France in the early stages of World War 2 and was controlled by the Nazi army. It is about the owner of a small cafe. He was a coward but destiny turned him into a hero. This man was responsible for helping the resistance and against the Nazi’s rule.


In Allo Allo! Cartoon Fun !, players will participate in many interesting missions. Each will have a unique request, and players have to complete them skillfully. Simply, players have to conquer many different levels, and each will require collecting a certain number of items to complete the challenge. In addition to collecting the required items, the player has to fight the Nazi army’s soldiers or aggressive Gestapo officers.

About the gameplay, this game has two game modes, one player and two players. In single mode, you will participate in conquering the levels alone and have quick control manipulations to complete. As for the two-player mode, two characters will appear on the screen. Each will be controlled by a player, and they have to work well together to complete the level. A level will take place in different contexts, and they all have German soldiers’ appearance. Meanwhile, players have to pick up available items on the way to throw at German soldiers. Hitting enemies will help you eliminate them on the way and can move safely.

Besides, players can also collect more medals or car money to improve their scores. Moreover, the character will have a vitality bar at the bottom of the screen. And each collision with the enemy will cause you to be deducted one vitality point. Losing all vitality points, the player loses and has to play again.


In graphics reviews, this game has positive reviews. The images and characters system is designed with an animated style. Besides stable movements, the game also offers many funny images (expressions of the characters) for players to relax.

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