[Amiga 500] Bubble Bobble

Bubble Bobble
Full nameBubble Bobble
File size178.5KB
Genre Action , Platform
Region USA USA
Console Amiga 500 (Download Emulator)

Bubble Bobble is a platform game which was released by Taito in 1986. The game achieved great success about the number of players and positive reviews.


In terms of the plot, the game is in the battles of the Cave of Monsters. The peaceful life turned upside down when Baron Von Blubba, the evil lord appeared. In order to carry out his dark plot, he kidnapped Bobby and Bubby and imprisoned them in the castle. Bob and Bub received notice that the experiment that turned Bobby and Bubby into Bubble Dragons was about to begin. Facing these dangers, they combined their strength and searched for Von Blubba’s hiding place. Their goal was to bring Bobby and Bubby back safely and destroyed the dark castle.

Attractive Gameplay

The Bubble Bobble’s gameplay is very attractive to players. The game has one player and two players mode. Each offers many different challenges. Bob and Bub have shape as two dragons. They are protected by a layer of bubbles around the body. Bob has pass 100 levels with increasing difficulty to complete the required task. He comes to the first level in an enclosed cave. Bob moves through obstacles and collects bonus points. Dangerous terrain in some levels requires Bob’s precision in every move. In addition, he also has to fight with many monsters. Bob will create large bubbles in a short time and throw them at the enemy. They is defeated after the bubble explodes due to collision with surrounding obstacles.

Besides, enemies will be defeated by Bob’s jumping on top of them. He receives a bonus when he kills an enemy. The bubble also helps him increase movement speed and ensure safety during the journey. If Bob dies from rough terrain or is attacked, he will retake that level and lose bonus points. He accumulates experience in previous levels and goes to the final level. The battle between Von Blubba and Bob takes place for a long time and ends when the lord Von Blubba loses. They rescue Bobby and Bubby and bring them back to safe land.


The game is attracted not only the mission system but also the beautiful image. They will use their skills to overcome many challenges and have interesting experiences when passing stages.

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