[Amiga 500] Escape From Colditz

Escape From Colditz
Full nameEscape From Colditz
File size398.0KB
Region USA USA
Console Amiga 500 (Download Emulator)

Based on real scenes from World War 2 about escaping from the prison of war prisoner (Prisoner of war – POW) by a British officer, Pat Reid. Gibsons Games developed a strategy and adventure game, it is Escape from Colditz. This game was first available in 1973. Subsequently, it was not until 1991 that a version for the Amiga platform was released (by Digital Magic).


The game’s setting is in the early years of World War 2. At that time, Poland’s Colditz Castle was used to hold the Allied army’s officers, run by the Nazi army. In addition, this prison is also known by a different name, Oflag IV-C. Detained officers tried to escape in many ways to return to the Allied army. That will not be easy, because the prison is located on a fortified fortress by the Polish King and Augustus II the Strong. Besides, it also possesses a large police squad and controls the prisoners, as well as constantly patrolling many different areas in the Castle.


In Escape from Colditz, players will have to control the officers and escape from prison safely. There are four officers from four different countries (England, France, USA, and Poland) to control, and you have to release them to complete the game. The change between characters to use will be activated with the keys from F1 to F4. In which, F1 is an American officer, F2 is French, F3 is England and F4 is Polish.

The player’s task is to search for difficult objects around the Castle to use and help you escape safely from Colditz. In addition, each will have a unique feature, and it takes a short time to collect. Therefore, players will have to have smart travel in the Castle. Besides, players have to also ensure the safety of each officer and avoid the guards’ track. In case the police discover abnormal signs such as breaking curfew, players will be locked in solitary confinement rooms. In particular, players have to avoid actions against the guard. It means that the character will be executed, and the game ends.


In terms of image quality, the game has received positive reviews. The rooms in the Castle and the context have the careful design. These visual details are clear, and the player can easily observe without feeling eye strain.

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