[Amiga 500] Golden Axe

Golden Axe
Full nameGolden Axe
File size539.2KB
Region USA USA
Console Amiga 500 (Download Emulator)

Golden Axe is an action adventure game which was available by Sega. The manufacturer released the first Arcade platform in 1989. This is the first version in the Golden Axe game series.


The game is in a peaceful Yuria land. However, the enemy army Death Adder invaded the land and destroyed humans. They captured the princess and the king in the secret room in the castle. At the same time, Golden Axe, Yuria’s legendary weapon was also stolen by the enemy. They threatened to kill all the people and royalty if people did not accept their domination. Before the injustices of the Death Adder, three knights including Gilius Thunderhead, Ax Battler, and Tyris Flare worked together to chase away the invading enemies and retrieve the stolen treasure.


Basically, players can choose one of the 3 knights to complete the mission. They have to pass 6 stages and fight the enemy. The player has an axe. They are taken to the forest in the first stage. By defeating enemies, players will receive energy tanks to maintain the survival time. Their enemies at this stage are mainly bandits. To easily move to the end of the forest, the player will control a dinosaur and ride on it. They are moved to the next stage after seeing the fire at the end of the stage. In the next phase, the difficulty increases as the player faces dragon guards with a mace. If the player dies when attacking the enemy, they have to restart that stage and lose some energy. With the fire dragon’s help, players quickly overcome dangerous terrain and go forward to the later stages. They are present in the small village during the fourth and fifth stages.

Besides, players will talk to humans in this area in search of clues that lead to the demon king’s cave in the final stage. After being provided with the information, the knight moves through the many dangers and goes to the Death Adder’s cave. Here, the player has to destroy an army with great power and many pitfalls around the cave. In the end, the battle between the leader Death Adder and the knight takes place at the cave’s center. With combat experience and the ability to move flexibly, players will win and destroy the Death Adder’s base.


Golden Axe not only attracts players with a unique storyline but also comes from realistic and beautiful graphics. The overhead perspective allows them to observe the obstacles and pitfalls. In addition, the target system seamlessly integrates into the game that creates a unique appeal compared to the other same genre.

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