[Amiga 500] Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade – The Action Game

Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade – The Action Game
Full nameIndiana Jones And The Last Crusade - The Action Game
File size429.5KB
Region USA USA
Console Amiga 500 (Download Emulator)

Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade: The Action Game was based on the movie of the same name, it is an action and adventure game. The game’s content is similar to the details in the movie, and players have to pass many different levels to complete. Due to the film’s success, this game was available on many different platforms (Game Boy, Atari ST, NES, ZX Spectrum, Amiga …). It was developed by Tiertex Design Studios. U.S. Gold released it to the market (from 1989 to 1992).

Similar to the movie’s content, the players have to find the location of the Holy Grail, and you can’t fall into the wrong hands (Nazi Germany). The game has many levels, and each will resemble part of the movie’s event. The first four levels will take place similar to the movie’s remembrance when Indiana is a boy and is fighting robbers to protect a relic. Completing these four levels, players can participate in new adventure challenges (when Indiana has grown and become a professor). From here, players will have to conquer more complex challenges to complete each level.

Before finding the location to conceal the Holy Grail, the player has to collect three special items, Knight of the First Crusade’s Shield, Cross of Coronado, and Grail Diary. Completing the gathering of them, the players will go forward to the final level to win the Holy Grail and to end the game. However, each of the items will be hidden at the level’s end, and players have to overcome many complex terrains to reach them. In addition to facing many obstacles, players also have to fight enemies on the way (grave robbers or Nazi soldiers). To defeat the enemy, the game will prepare a familiar item is Indiana’s whip. With this whip, you can use it to attack and eliminate enemies.

Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade: The Action Game has a simple visual system but intuitive. The image details are rated as stable. The game’s downside is that the character has relatively normal movements, which does not bring the thrill. Besides, the backdrop system is not beautiful and uniform. Except for the two stages, Castle Brunwald and Zeppelin, have good background systems, the others have poor background quality.

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