[Amiga 500] P.P. Hammer And His Pneumatic Weapon

P.P. Hammer And His Pneumatic Weapon
Full nameP.P. Hammer And His Pneumatic Weapon
File size735.4KB
Genre Action , Platform
Region USA USA
Console Amiga 500 (Download Emulator)

Besides the familiar travel challenges, P. P. Hammer and his Pneumatic Weapon have also designed with fascinating puzzle challenges. In the game, players have to cross many different areas, and each will be designed with different terrain. Therefore, players have to have intelligent observations and calculations to overcome complex terrain. Besides, this game is available by Traveling Bits Production for two platforms, Commodore 64 and Amiga. It was officially released by Demonware in 1991.

In terms of graphic quality, the game has a normal quality. Although it is not too prominent, it still brings interesting images to enjoy. In addition, each stage has a separate visual theme. In which, there are four visual themes for players to explore in the main stage and another for the secondary. The main period is Ancient Rome, Ice, Medieval Castles, and Ancient Egypt. And the extra stage is Legoland.

The P. P. Hammer and his Pneumatic Weapon’s goal is to collect the treasures in each level and over 60 levels waiting for the player to complete. The main character is PP Hammer, and the player will have to control him to collect treasure. Each level will be hidden in a different number of treasure chests, and they are located in different locations. Therefore, players have to move continuously to different areas to get the treasure. After collecting the required amount of treasure, a magic door will be opened to enter a new level.

In exploring levels, PP Hammer can run, jump or crouch. In addition, PP Hammer also has a special support device, a drill. Players can use it to destroy some blocks of rock and access to restricted areas. Along with finding treasure and using a drill to access new areas, players can collect some power-up items to quickly complete the mission. They are vials of different colors, and each has a different effect. For example, the blue medicine bottle helps you to jump higher in the air. Besides, conquering a level will have a limited time, and players have to quickly collect the treasure within the allowed time.

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