[Amiga 500] Prince Of Persia

Prince Of Persia
Full namePrince Of Persia
File size315.6KB
Genre Action , Platform
Region USA USA
Console Amiga 500 (Download Emulator)

Prince of Persia is an interesting platform game which was available by Brøderbund in 1989. The game is supported on the Apple II platform and later popular in many regions of the world.


The story begins in ancient Persia. This land was governed and protected by soldiers in the king’s palace. With abundant resources, this place attracted the attention of many invading enemies. Taking advantage of the king focusing on war, Jaffar, a prime minister in the castle, plotted to take the throne. To carry out that, Jaffar detained the princess and forced her to make a decision to agree to marry him within 60 minutes. Jaffar threatened to kill her if she didn’t do. A young man in the palace fell in love with her and attacked Jaffar to rescue the princess. However, he was arrested and had to overcome many challenges to keep himself and the princess safe.


Basically, players will act a young man and find a way out of prison in 60 minutes. He has a short sword to ensure safety in the prison. With their intelligence, the player quickly breaks the cell door and moves to search for the place where the princess is held.

The game does not clearly divide on the level that connects to form a long journey. They have to fight the soldiers guarding the cells. Players collect energy and health recovery pot after enemies are destroyed. In addition, they face obstacles and traps. They are arranged under the palace’s holes, are the most difficult challenge for players. If they are killed by an enemy attack or collide with an obstacle, they had to redo the previous timeline. The guillotine is placed at various positions in the prison to prevent the player from escaping. After many difficulties, they find Jaffar and his elite soldiers. The battle takes place dramatically between the young man and Jaffar to decide the princess’s fate. With the sword‘s power and the equipment, they will move flexibly and defeat Jaffar. The mission ends when Jaffar disappears from the palace, and the princess is safe.


Prince of Persia has received much success from building the character image of designer Jordan Mechner. The beautiful graphics bring a new experience in the genre of survival games. All have created a super game that enthusiasts cannot ignore.

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