[Amiga 500] The Adventures Of Robin Hood

The Adventures Of Robin Hood
Full nameThe Adventures Of Robin Hood
File size730.0KB
Genre Action , Adventure
Region USA USA
Console Amiga 500 (Download Emulator)

The Adventures of Robin Hood is an exciting fighting and adventure game that was developed by Steve Grand and Ian Saunter. This game was first available in 1991 for the MS-DOS platform. Next, a version for the Amiga 500 platform was developed by Alan McCarthy.


In the game, players will discover interesting stories which relate to a famous figure of English literature, Robin Hood. Opening the game, players will watch a short video about introducing the game’s content. In the introduction, Robin was kicked out of Loxley Castle by the Sheriff of Nottingham. However, this event was witnessed by many people and made Robin’s honor no longer respected. Later, Robin wanted to regain his castle but no one helped him, except for four loyal friends Friar Tuck, Little John, Maid Mary, and Will Scarlet. Regaining the castle would not be easy, and Robin had to support. But another event made it easier to regain the castle from the Sheriff.

Because of not caring about the people’s lives, the Sheriff raised the tax rate and made many people fall into difficulties. Besides, some flattery and opportunities followed the Sheriff to ensure a happy life for yourself. Since then, the people’s lives was increasingly difficult and made them feel angry because of the Sheriff’s rule. When the opportunity came, Robin began to work out a plan to regain the Castle. The goal was to win people’s trust and affection. That made people against who control Loxley Castle at the present time. He began robbing the rich and giving to the poor, as well as rescuing innocent people who were arrested for failing to pay the required taxes.


With the action elements, players will control Robin and move to many different areas to complete the mission. In addition, players can communicate with the NPCs to create positive emotions or exchange information before performing a task. On the screen, the left corner will display an energy bar and many different icons. In which, the shown icons will represent Robin’s action. For example, the sword’s symbol and the bow will represent fighting. You just have to touch them to Robin to defeat the henchmen of the Sheriff of Nottingham. And the power bar has two separate colors (red and blue). It represents people’s love for Robin.

In red, Robin has not received belief and has not been able to perform the regain Castle. If you try to rob the Castle with the red energy bar, you will witness a scene of Robin being hanged. When the energy bar shows up in green, Robin receives a high trust from the people (meaning they are hating the Sheriff), the player can freely rob the Castle, and the people will congratulate him.


The Adventures of Robin Hood has an imaging system that is designed according to the Isometric projection and provides a clear quality. Besides, the game also offers some different views to explore. For example, selecting new areas for Robin to move to and selecting automatic mode, players can observe the map system with a view from above.

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