[Amiga 500] The Great Giana Sisters

The Great Giana Sisters
Full nameGreat Giana Sisters, The
File size291.2KB
Region USA USA
Console Amiga 500 (Download Emulator)

The Great Giana Sisters is an exciting adventure game which was released by Rainbow Arts. The game was first available on the Amiga platform in 1987. After that, The Great Giana Sisters became more and more popular on most platforms to serve the gamers.


Regarding the plot, the game revolves around two main characters, Giana and Maria. During a walk in the city, Maria was captured by enemies and came to a mysterious cave. Before her sister’s disappearance, Giana began to search for clues about where Maria was being held. However, to find her sister, she had to overcome many obstacles and defeat many enemies. The game ends when Maria is rescued and the enemies are destroyed.

About the gameplay

Basically, players will act Giana through 32 stages with increasing difficulty. The game has familiar gameplay and supports up to two players at once. Giana will observe the terrain before having to cross. In the early stages, she has to defeat the owls and strangely shaped creatures by jumping on their heads. Giana receives bonus points for destroying enemies or through collected diamonds. In addition, the dream crystal also brought many bonuses. By colliding with the bricks, the crystals are released, and Giana will pick it up on the ground. In subsequent levels, the speed will increase, requiring precise movement from the player. Enemies will constantly appear to hinder the journey. They can attack Giana with available weapons. For her safety, she uses the collected money to equip weapons such as lightning and strawberry guns. Drops of water in the store can protect Giana from traps.

Besides, she also has to avoid the dangers of obstacles. Fire and water were arranged at several locations to create Giana’s difficulty. She has to redo the stage if she dies due to an enemy’s attack or collision with obstacles. After passing many stages, Giana comes to the final stage and confronts the bandit’s leader. Her goal is to steal the key from the leader and defeat the enemy. By experience in many wars, Giana will defeat the bandits and successfully rescue Maria.


The Mission system combined with beautiful images has brought great success to the game. 2D graphics create many interesting for players. The game uses Chris Hülsbeck’s famous music in stages that increase their thrill and attractiveness in goals.

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