[Amiga 500] Xenon 2 – Megablast

Xenon 2 – Megablast
Full nameXenon 2 - Megablast
File size620.1KB
Genre Action , Shooter
Region USA USA
Console Amiga 500 (Download Emulator)

Xenon 2 Megablast is the second version of the vertical shooting game series, Xenon. This game was developed by The Assembly Line and marketed by Image Works. The first two platforms that can enjoy are Atari ST and Amiga. However, the manufacturer has released many new fixes so that it can be played on many platforms such as Master System, Game Boy, Sega Genesis, PC-88 … Similar to its previous, the game will focus on the shooting challenge, and it requires the player to have a good focus to complete the challenge.

Xenon 2 Megablast has new battle challenges to continuate interesting content from its previous. After being defeated, the Xenites race returned and had a new revenge plan to defeat the player. This race placed four different bombs in fixed positions in the universe. When these bombs were activated, they would completely destroy the universe. In particular, they were installed inside the giant monster, and players have to defeat them to disable the bomb.

In the game, the player will control a spaceship and fight with many different enemies on the way to the bombs’ location. The main enemies include parasitic bacteria and organic creatures. In addition, some stages also bring robots or entities with mechanical structures for players to fight. Besides, the players have to also have intelligent controls to avoid obstacles in front of the screen. This game has five levels and each has two different battle stages. At the end of each stage, the players will meet a boss to defeat. The boss at stage one can be Mid BOSS, and the boss at the second stage is Final BOSS. Note, players can only enter a new level after defeating Final BOSS. To assist players, the manufacturer has prepared a weapon upgrade system. You only have to collect Power-Up symbols (inside the bubbles) to upgrade weapons. In addition, the game also brings an item shop (also known as Colin’s Bargain Basement) to buy support equipment or upgrade weapons (in case you cannot pick up Power-Ups).

This game brings not only shooting challenges but also a good visual system. Despite participating in 2D environments, the game still has smooth motion. The image details are simple but have still clearly displayed for easier observation.

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