[Atari 2600] Acid Drop (NTSC Conversion) (TJ)

Acid Drop (NTSC Conversion) (TJ)
Full nameAcid Drop (NTSC Conversion) (TJ)
File size4.1KB
Region USA USA
Console Atari 2600 (Download Emulator)

Acid Drop is a puzzle game which was produced by Salu Ltd. for the Atari 2600 platform. This game was available in 1992. Besides, it was the last product released for the Atari 2600 platform, before the platform was discontinued and intended for more advanced equipments.

In terms of content, it has rated to be similar to Sega’s Columns (1989). The goal is to arrange the provided blocks in a horizontal or vertical row with from three to more blocks and have the same color to remove them from the playground. Each removed time, three same color blocks will bring a certain score. The next task is to gain 10,000 points to go forward to the next level. For earning 10,000 points, the game will provide a special block to use, helping the players achieve higher scores. The offered blocks have different colors.

Therefore, players have to calculate and arrange the blocks scientifically to remove them from the playground. Reasonable arrangement will help players achieve good results. In case players are too hasty and unscientific, the blocks with their unique colors will stack up and touch the top of the playground. Meanwhile, the game will be stopped, and the players have to play again to achieve higher achievements. With intelligence, this game requires good concentration and calmness in arranging blocks. Many blocks with different colors will make players difficult to observe and lead to unreasonable arrangements. Therefore, players have to observe carefully the arranged blocks to choose a reasonable position with the provided new block.

Compared to Columns (1989), Acid Drop has a simpler interface. The image details are poor and only in different colors. Besides, the colors are also fuzzy, which makes players easy to confuse colors. Besides the imaging system does not have many highlights, this game also encounters a major minus point which is the sound system. The sound is really boring, it repeats continuously and can make players lose focus on.

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