[Atari 2600] Air Raiders (1982) (Mattel) [a1]

Air Raiders (1982) (Mattel) [a1]
Full nameAir Raiders (1982) (Mattel) [a1]
File size3.1KB
Region USA USA
Console Atari 2600 (Download Emulator)

Air Raiders on Atari 2600 is a unique simulation game which was designed by Larry Zwick and available by Mattel Electronics in 1982. In this game, players will experience the combat missions as a real pilot. With the first view and a crosshair, players will control a fighter plane and destroy all enemies that you encounter along the way.

With simulation and shooting challenges, players have to control their fighter plane to destroy as many enemies as possible. In addition, each enemy’s plane destroying will correspond to a point, and the game will not provide an infinite amount of ammunition. Instead, it will be limited, and players have to have precise shots to achieve high scores. When using the provided ammunition, the players will have to go from the battlefield to land on the ground to receive more ammunition and fight. However, the landing also requires intelligent controls to be able to land safely. In case of uncertainty a balance landing, a crash will occur, and the game will stop working.

Besides destroying many enemy’s plane, players also have to stay away from areas with enemy air defense. When you move into them, you will be attacked, and the screen will vibrate. It means that your aircraft is subjected to dense the opponent’s firepower. In addition, pilot also has to ensure a safe height while flying to avoid attacks from air defense systems. In case the altitude is too low, the aircraft will easily become a target for anti-aircraft artillery. The special feature is that it will not take place with a fixed screen, the manufacturer allows to perform left or right tilting operations to fight. The enemy’s plane displays in black, and the player can turn to side of the screen to pursue.

About the graphic system, Air Raiders – Atari 2600 has a relatively simple design and easy to use. Besides the crosshair and a wide viewing, the game also provides a digital clock system at the bottom screen to display the player’s ammunition, the destroyed enemies, and the height while flying. In particular, the game also prepares an interesting visual effect when you destroy the enemy’s plane. Instead of being removed from the screen, they will be displayed with a red dot, symbolizing destruction.

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