[Atari 2600] Air-Sea Battle (1977) (Atari) (PAL)

Air-Sea Battle (1977) (Atari) (PAL)
Full nameAir-Sea Battle (1977) (Atari) (PAL)
File size1.9KB
Region USA USA
Console Atari 2600 (Download Emulator)

Air-Sea Battle is a shooting game which was available on Atari VCS (later renamed Atari 2600 in 1982). It was designed by a programmer Larry Kaplan. Atari, Inc. first released it on September 11, 1977 for the North American. Besides, the manufacturer also launched this game in two different markets, Europe (1978) and Japan (1983).

The game’s appeal is that it offers six different challenges to explore. Besides, each will set different goals for the player to conquer, and they have different scoring methods. The first and basic challenge is Anti-aircraft. In which, the player will control an anti-aircraft cannon and destroy many different planes flying in the air, from propeller planes to jets or aircraft bombs. In addition, the anti-aircraft cannon will be limited in firing angle, it can only shoot such as 30 degrees, 60 degrees, and 90 degrees.

Besides having to shoot down many planes, the game also brings some obstacles. However, obstacles destroying will not bring a player score. The next challenge is Torpedo, which allows to control a submarine and destroy many different battleships. The special feature compared to Anti-aircraft is that it allows players to move to the left or right of the screen to select the target. However, the shooting angle will be limited, and the player can only use an angle, 90 degrees. The third is the Shooting gallery, it is similar to Anti-aircraft in that it allows us to perform many different angles, and like Torpedo is to move to the screen sides. However, the goal in this game will be rabbits, ducks, or clowns. Like the Anti-aircraft, Polaris also offers to shoot down enemy aircraft to receive bonus points. But the player will not control an anti-aircraft cannon. Instead, the game will provide a battleship to fight. Especially, it will automatically move and you have to control its movement speed to make accurate shots.

Similar to the name, Bomber brings challenges in the air. In which, the player has a bomber, and it can automatically move like in Polaris. Players still have to control the movement speed of the aircraft to make bombings on enemy battleships. Finally, Polaris vs. Bomber is an interesting fighting game. In this mode, one player controls a battleship, and the other controls the aircraft bomb. Besides, both players still have to control the movement speed of the war vehicles that they are using to attack opponents.

Air-Sea Battle has good graphics. The strength is that the color system is diverse and clear. Details such as jets, helicopters, battleships, clowns … are also displayed clearly.

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