[Atari 2600] River Raid

River Raid
Full nameRiver Raid (Brazil)
File size3.1KB
Region USA USA
Console Atari 2600 (Download Emulator)

River Raid is a shooting game with vertical movement of the screen. This game is designed by Carol Shaw. It was later available by Activision for the Atari 2600 platform in 1982. Moreover, the game was also launched on many other platforms such as Atari 8-bit, Commodore 64, Intellivision, ZX Spectrum, ColecoVision, Atari 5200 … In which, the version for Atari 8-bit and Atari 5200 was available in 1983. And the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 version was in 1984.

In River Raid, players will control a fighter plane to break into the enemy’s backline to destroy their bases. Therefore, players will face many enemies and different dangers. In particular, the player’s movement will be limited, you can only move to the left or right of the screen. In addition, player can’t move forward or backward. However, the manufacturer has added another feature to fill the motion limitation. The mentioned feature is the ability to accelerate or slow down the moving process. The acceleration will help players move faster, but requires quick reflexes to overcome the obstacles along the way.

While moving, player will have to destroy the means of war or the enemy’s logistics. Each destroyed vehicle will bring certain reward points to the player. The lowest score is 30, when destroying an enemy tanker. Destroying a helicopter will give you 60 points and 80 points after destroying a fuel depot. After that, destroying an enemy jet will give players 100. Finally, attacking and destroying a bridge will help players get the highest score, 500 points.

Besides, each bridge that can be destroyed will correspond to a checkpoint. Passing it will take players to new stages to continue fighting and creating outstanding achievements for themselves. Besides fighting and avoiding crashing with enemies (each old collision will cause your aircraft to be destroyed), the game also provides a fuel system for the aircraft. This means that players can also be removed with no fuel during the mission. When fuel is reduced, the aircraft will also be refueled after reaching the fuel depots.

River Raid has simple graphics and is easy to use the interface system. In particular, the colors and image details are clear, helping players to observe the surroundings more comfortable.

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