[Atari ST] Advanced Dungeons & Dragons – Heroes Of The Lance

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons – Heroes Of The Lance
Full nameAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons - Heroes Of The Lance - A DragonLance Action Game (Europe)
File size499.9KB
Region USA USA
Console Atari ST

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of the Lance is an action game which was available by Strategic Simulations in 1988. The game was based on the movie of the same name with eight heroes as Goldmoon, Sturm Brightblade, Caramon. Majere, Raistlin Majere, Tanis Half-Elven, Tasslehoff Burrfoot, Riverwind and Flint Fireforge. They discover the secrets in the ruined Xak Tsaroth city. A treasure is stolen by Khisanth, a dragon with dark powers. The heroes begin to search for the lost treasure and destroy Khisanth.

Basically, players will control 8 heroes through many levels with increasing difficulty. Each character is shown on the card and has different power indicators. Goldmoo, a kingdom’s princess has strong magical power. She has a special item that can locate enemies. The Brightblade appears in a combat squad that has the knight’s power. The two warriors during the battles are Caramon and Fireforge. They possess great physical strength and energy, often starts battles. The magician Raistlin carries with him the mysterious magic power. He can make stun and burn his opponent in a short time. Tanis, the army’s leader is a skilled archer. Tasslehoff and Riverwind stand in the squad as thieves. They will steal the enemy’s skills and use it to support the warriors.

In Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of the Lance,  the army goes to the first land in the city. Each hero will fight the enemy. When they die due to fighting with the enemy, the next warrior moves forward and attack its target. To win each match, the player has to observe the enemy’s formation and arrange the hero’s appearance. After each dangerous battle, they will have a short time for the hero to regain energy and fitness lost. Players find the enemy hiding place after destroying all obstructing enemies. Besides, the player has to jump through holes in the cave to ensure safety. He meets Khisanth in the last room. In this battle, all heroes participate to control the attack from the enemy. He finds the missing treasure and puts it back in the right place.