[Commodore 64] Hillsfar

Full nameHillsfar
File size167.1KB
Region USA USA
Console Commodore 64 (Download Emulator)

Hillsfar is an interesting adventure game, which was developed and released by Westwood Associates in 1993. The game revolves around the journey of soldiers in the town Hillsfar. It is home to many different organizations such as warriors, clergy, wizards and thieves. Each warrior in the army carries a unique mission to protect and develop its region.

Before the start of battles, players will choose their favorite character to control. The game displays the list of characters on the screen includes warriors, clerics and wizards. Each of them possesses a different power. After making a selection, players will ride a white horse to explore the lands. He must move skillfully to avoid colliding with obstacles along the way. They stray into the dark maze with a single exit. Moreover, the greatest difficulty for the player is that the brightness in the maze decreases over time. Deciding on the correct way helps them overcome the challenge and get many bonuses.

In addition, players continue to travel to various areas of the city to complete the missions. They found the treasure map when they passed by Hillsfar’s church. With the suggestions of the map, players can explore an underground cave for treasures. However, this place contains many traps and passwords. To find the right way, they have to decode many images on the walls. Moreover, they will die or be chased by many enemies if they do not solve the puzzles. Players find the treasure at the end of the cave and back to the city.

Next, gamers have to discover the center of the town. By fighting enemies and overcoming their obstacles, they quickly achieve their final goal safely. The game ends when the thieves at Hillsfar are completely destroyed, as well as the people back home.

In addition to the mission mode, players experience the optional mode with more difficult challenges. No missions are assigned to players in this game mode. Instead, they have to explore the town in any order. After each stage, you will receive bonuses, which you can use to upgrade weapons and equip necessary items. Many dramatic battles between players and bandits take place at several locations in the town. The game ends when the player goes to the town center and meets the leader of Hillsfar.