[Game Gear] Secret Of Monkey Island (PD)

Secret Of Monkey Island (PD)
Full nameMOD2PSG V1.5 - Secret Of Monkey Island (PD)
File size6.2KB
Region USA USA
Console Game Gear (Download Emulator)

The Secret of Monkey Island is a unique adventure game which was released by Lucasfilm Games in 1990. This is the first version of designer Ron Gilbert’s Monkey Island game series.


The Secret of Monkey Island is in the Caribbean. This place becomes dangerous when fierce bandits appear. Their development had spread to the mainland and attracted the people’s attention. Guybrush Threepwood, a young man who left his homeland and applied to join the largest pirate organization in the Caribbean. To be accepted, he had to complete 3 challenges from the leader. Guybrush met people around the island and looked for information on assigned tasks. His ultimate goal is to destroy LeChuck, a pirate with great magical power. The mission ended when LeChuck was defeated and Guybrush was organized to welcome the pirate.


Basically, players will act Guybrush, the main character to perform 3 assigned tasks. The first takes place on a small island in the Caribbean. Guybrush moves around the island to search and fight with Carla. Through conversations with the villagers and bandits, he collects special items to hand over to the island manager. After that, he receives a map of directions to where Carla lives. The only weapon is the long sharp sword. He will defeat the enemy and receive a reward. Guybrush overcomes many dangers and encounters Carla at the end of the stage. The fight takes place. He goes to the next mission after winning the fight with Carla.

The goal at Guybrush’s second stage is finding the stolen treasure. Guybrush has to go through dangerous caves with many obstacles and enemies. To unlock the treasure chest, he has to find the hidden key. Guybrush receives additional equipment such as armor and energy and physical recovery items from the pirate leader when he finds the treasure. Stealing weapons in the center is the last task to be admitted to bandits. Treasures have great power, so many enemies want to own to carry out a dark conspiracy. In addition to the initial difficulties, Guybrush has to fight many monsters with strange shapes and LeChuck boss. Finally, Guybrush was awarded the pirate badge from the leader.


The game receives positive reviews from players because of its beautiful and authentic images. Characters built similar to those in Ron Gilbert’s short stories brings familiar to them. In addition, the dramatic sound also contributed to the success of the Monkey Island game series. If you like the action-adventure game, The Secret of Monkey Island is the best choice.

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