[Gameboy Advance] Activision Anthology GBA

Activision Anthology GBA
Full nameActivision Anthology GBA
File size0.0
Genre Compilation
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

This is a hugely popular neoclassical game set that brings over 40 popular games into one compact game console. Long-standing game developers like Namco, Midway, and Atari have made a lifelong collaboration of bringing together collections of some of their most popular and beloved games over the years and creating Activision.

Interface characteristics

Integrating multiple games into one machine gives it a pretty cool matrix-like interface. You will feel like it is a real museum or game library when you have many favorite games on the same machine, instead of using different devices to experience different types of games together. Besides, you can also unlock many gadgets and earn points from the game to play. Some games share a standard strategy system, and scoring can be grouped into groups where one game’s score can buy other game items, attractive to GBA game fanatics.

When you get high scores in games, you may be locked into different video modes. Specifically, you will see all the games you are playing on a 6-sided clock. They can also be a spinning block, and on top are games that you can choose to get started with. This is a unique interface that you can refer to.


These games’ graphics and sounds are often very coarse with neoclassical tracks that are extremely easy to identify. The scriptwriters have also done an excellent job of keeping their original sound quality. If you are looking forward to your childhood’s hybrid experience, there is no more suitable product than this product. Activision also gets even more creative by deftly inserting classic movie soundtracks like Twisted Sister, Blondie, and others. You may feel startled when you are enjoying a concert, not playing a regular game.

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