[Gameboy Advance] Advance GT2 (Eurasia)

Advance GT2 (Eurasia)
Full nameAdvance GT2 (Eurasia)
File size4.9MB
Genre Racing
Region Japan Japan
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

MTO released the Advance GTA for the GBA platform in the Japanese market for the first time in 2001. As usual, this section still impresses players with its excellent graphics and vehicle engines and field effects. Race exceptionally well in a relatively friendly 3D environment. THQ released the game in the US as GT Advance, and there was little change in the design by pulling out the cartridges for the advantage of a better selling price.


Advance GT2’s championship mode has been updated compared to the old version in Japan. You need to obtain a license before you can officially enter competitions. To do this, you need to perform a few tasks within the allotted time. These tasks are relatively simple to complete. However, in the process, it is necessary to learn how to drive and different techniques, which are quite complicated and take a lot of time, mainly technical controls and high-speed drifts. After obtaining a license, you will be accepted into the championship tournament. Since then, not many significant changes have occurred from the previous installments of the series.

You need to compete with other cars and find a way to finish first or at least in the top 3 to participate in the next race. When you win a lap, you will be able to reach a faster and more powerful vehicle. If you win the championship multiple times in a row, you get a chance to reward cars that allow you to customize your speed and slip even better. There are a total of 4 races with a total of 11 laps that need you to pass.


The 3D engine of this game does not seem to be much different from the GTA advance version. However, slight changes, such as the carefully redrawn and more prominent rails and the audience’s sound, are integrated into more precise and more realistic. In its GTA version, the engine has been updated and produces smoky hills when the car runs on a flat track. However, in GT2, for some reason, the design team did not integrate this feature.

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