[Gameboy Advance] Advanced Wars 2 – Black Hole Rising GBA

Advanced Wars 2 – Black Hole Rising GBA
Full nameAdvanced Wars 2 - Black Hole Rising GBA
File size0.0
Genre Strategy , Turn Based Tactics
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Advance Wars 2 does not attempt to cause success and does not try to fix anything from its predecessor. This game also offers you relatively addictive gameplay and the graphics of the character as a memorable deal. However, Advance Wars 2 also gets its own extension of the original in quite subtle ways and makes it even more digitally dominant in general. You also get a pretty good experience at different levels compared to the general ground of this game genre.


This version 2 proved not to be the same as its original plot. Its focus is on gameplay rather than on plot. Of course, the main stories have been attached to the campaigns to create its continuity. The premise is simply that the black hole army, the dark force after the original game, has returned with several get more significant and try to find a way to take over your lands. Therefore, the battle armies must be gathered to unite against this common threat. Different COs will appear in other parts and have various unique personalities and partly affect their units.


Like its predecessor, Advance Wars 2 has fairly pleasant and similar gameplay compared to its predecessor. This is still a very high turn-based strategy game where you will take an army officer’s role and command a small military force. You will take turns against opponents from easy to difficult. Opponents come from positions around the tactical map and move frequently. You need to lead your army to proceed with your opponent and capture as many territories as possible. Besides, you need to attack many different enemies simultaneously, so strategy and resource allocation become extremely important.

At the start of the game, you will be shown the rules of the game and the different weapons and armies you can use. If you’ve played through version 1 of it, all of this will become more familiar.

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