[Gameboy Advance] Agassi Tennis Generation GBA

Agassi Tennis Generation GBA
Full nameAgassi Tennis Generation GBA
File size0.0
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

For many tennis enthusiasts, this is probably one of the games not to be missed on the GBA platform. It is a perfect substitute for other tennis games with decent game graphics and sound, and the gameplay is quite good for a limited hardware version like on the GBA platform. However, if you have gone through many similar games, perhaps this game will not be suitable for you to experience.


First, players can feel the graphics are quite detailed and are made to match. You will have many options in many different aspects. Of course, these pitches are designed with different colors. The line of the rise is also defined and relatively stable. At least the pitch line is not blurred, and there are enough sub-characters such as referees and audience. The players are also fully detailed designs and their own costumes. You can customize the frame relatively well. Specifically, you can zoom in if needed. The ball also has a good reflectivity compared to the field’s color, allowing you to play well even though the ball speed is quite fast.


To start, you need to hit a ball towards your opponent in the qualifying round and play a turn to find out who has the right to serve first. The game’s AI ​​engine is quite useful when it accurately detects situations where the ball is out or has eaten points. The game’s play model is similar to reality. In each round, you will have to reach 40 in front of the opponent and the score difference two times. You will win this game. And the two will compete against each other until whoever wins first will be the winner in the end. You will, in turn, play with pre-programmed players with increasing difficulty in rounds. The opponent’s skills will be upgraded gradually from the first round to the last game. Once you have won the first two matches, you will unlock items such as power boosts or speed boosters. All these items will be of great help to you in the next rounds.

Finally, you will have many levels of tournaments to take part in. However, to participate in the world championship, you must have finished the junior game.

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