[Gameboy Advance] Agressive Inline GBA

Agressive Inline GBA
Full nameAgressive Inline GBA
File size0.0
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Aggression Inline is a video skating video game developed by Z-Axis and officially published by Acclaim Entertainment in 2002. The game has been developed across multiple platforms, from Playstation to Xbox and GBA. It depicts the races of famous and professional skiers like Chris Edwards, Eito Yasutoko, Franky Morales, Jaren Grob, and Taïg Khris.


When you start playing, instead of experiencing free and exciting games with accessible to challenging levels, you have to undergo extremely rigorous training and quite challenging to pass. The game also has a timer to put pressure on your tricks and challenge your;skills’ effectiveness just maybe, the open levels give a lot of freedom in a console game, has been replaced with slalom courses and a timer that puts enormous pressure on your ability to effectively execute tricks and skills.

Like most extreme sports games, Aggression Inline is also designed based on consecutive missions. Each course has three main tasks, like collecting encrypted messages or smashing other people’s property. However, there are also groups of more demanding tasks such as moving the supports and railroads on the road. The version duties in the GBA platform seem quite different from the others. Each time you complete a task, you will be taken to other courses with more complicated tasks.


For this aspect, you can see that the game has caught up with the complex action graphics trends that GBA’s class of sports games is pursuing. The courses are designed on large 3-dimensional buildings and full of details, which is quite lively. Figure figure skating models are also very accurately simulated about the person and the player’s sliding figure. The design also gives players a fast real-life experience and feel.

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