[Gameboy Advance] Airforce Delta Storm GBA

Airforce Delta Storm GBA
Full nameAirforce Delta Storm GBA
File size0.0
Genre Action , Shooter
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

AirForce Delta Storm is one of the arcade fighting style games of Konami. Like the Ace team fight, its biggest competitor. The game has a fictional setting shortly and goes into detail on heavy weapons. However, it still lacks somewhere overall gameplay to polish its name and image.


However, saying that does not mean that this game does not have a beautiful overall design. The game speed is always at 60 frames per second. The cheekbones models are unconventional and unconventional, though somewhat unrealistic. It is a remake of the most modern airplanes that you cannot find in any game. In terms of lighting, the developers seem a bit too focused on glowing 3D models that are relatively nice but seem a bit weird and different from the competition.

The images in the replay of this game really wow players. The effects of missile tracking, as well as projectiles, are incredibly realistic and displayed well. Likewise, all environments feature textures that cover the terrain and buildings are sharper and more detailed than in similar games. However, from a distance, the landscape has a typical appearance; it seems that the shape of these graphics can also be found somewhere in Top gun or other racing games.


AirForce Delta Storm’s single-player game was made up of a forked campaign like the NES. You play as a mercenary and fly an airplane with many different missions. Before each task, you are provided with overhead maps and locations of bases that need to attack. If you move the wrong funds to reach the destination, one move point will be deducted. Besides, many different hotspots make you forced to hunt for other fighters or ground targets on the map. These goals may be unrelated to the mission but are useful for increasing your score. You cannot ignore the hot spots when passing through it if so, you will continue to be deducted. This becomes a big deal when you accidentally don’t see them when flying too high above the ground. You also have difficulty meeting a base but have used up the aircraft’s ammunition and armor in previous battles.

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