[Gameboy Advance] Akumajou Dracula – Circle Of The Moon (C)(Titan)

Akumajou Dracula – Circle Of The Moon (C)(Titan)
Full nameAkumajou Dracula - Circle Of The Moon (C)(Titan)
File size3.6MB
Genre Action , Role Playing
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

The game is part of Konami’s popular vampire series, derived from games in the cornerstone genre of arcade game NES. It is adapted from an animated series of the same name. Although there are a few non-linear points with the game’s original plot, overall, this is still a beautiful 2D game in action, adventure genre. The Moon’s Circle has become incredibly prominent and is Konami’s first resounding success on the GBA platform.


The game took place in a castle in 1930. Camilla successfully revived Count Dracula again, and Nathan Graves and father and son Morris and Hugh Baldwin arrived to stop the evil vampire. However, Morris was taken away, and Nathan and Hugh were beaten and left to die. Hugh then departed and looked for the traces of his father. You will play as Nathan on a mission to defeat Dracula and save Morris. Like any of the main characters, Nathan is armed with many weapons, and the most powerful is a magic whip.


Nathan can pick up and use various weapons from ancient to modern such as daggers, holy water, stopwatch, and axon his way. Auxiliary weapons are usually hidden in the body, and if you want to take it out and use it, you have to whip into space. At the start, Nathan had a relatively limited ability to switch between attack and defense, but as he won his first matches, this increased and unlocked many customizations. You can also find additional items that allow you to perform tricky moves like running, gliding, double jumping, and more. The game also has a magic system called DSS. This is a dual setup system, which you can only get with playing cards. These cards are found in different areas and will appear randomly. When you open the DSS, you will be able to refine your spells for more damage and more enduring combat.

Example: Just one spell, you can call fireballs to attack your opponent. You can also heal yourself using permutation transformations. The game also shows your full strength stats such as attack stats, spears, health, and defense stats. These stats are improved by many different matches and purchased with the money you accumulate after many winning games.

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