[Gameboy Advance] Aleck Bordon Adventure – Tower & Shaft Advance

Aleck Bordon Adventure – Tower & Shaft Advance
Full nameAleck Bordon Adventure - Tower & Shaft Advance
File size1.9MB
Genre Adventure
Region Japan Japan
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Aleck Bordon Adventure: Tower & Shaft Advance is the most popular action game by Altron Corporation and published by Aruze for the first Game Boy Advance in 2006. The action-adventure genre has seen many successful games in the historical length of the handheld game. However, this game’s advent has marked a new adventure game format that culminates in the legacy of games like Gunny. Unfortunately, the game was never released outside of Japan.


In Tower, you have to climb on platforms, climb to the top of the stage to complete the mission. You can only have one control option in this game mode. You only have one control option in the mode: jump. However, it would help if you refrained from doing this skill too many times because it has a meter to measure your dance moves. The number of jumps will be limited, and you must complete the mission before running out of moves by jumping. Shaft, on the other hand, will only be able to move left or right to reach the top of the stage. Within a certain amount of time is limited, and the number of kills allowed, you must reach the destination, otherwise, you will have to play again until you pass this challenge.  The game also has a pretty interesting story-based gameplay. You will be playing through each character’s story that you choose to get the treasure and complete the game. In short, this way of building game mode proves to be quite creative and attractive to players.

Game mode

The game has 2 main modes: tower mode and axis mode.

In tower mode, the character will continue to have to go to right or right. You need to hold down the button to decrease the Tower’s height and go to the goal. When the button is released, the character will jump at intervals. If the player is dropped, you will lose one life.

In axis mode, the screen will scroll down instead of going up like in axis mode, you are freer to move, and the ultimate goal is to navigate on the axis without letting you down.

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