[Gameboy Advance] Alex Rider – Stormbreaker GBA

Alex Rider – Stormbreaker GBA
Full nameAlex Rider - Stormbreaker GBA
File size0.0
Genre Action , Adventure
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Alex Rider: Stormbreaker is one of the highly successful TV series adaptation first published by THQ in 2006 on various platforms, including GBA. Game for teenagers. The game is a combination of tons of different styles of play on diverse terrains. Its appeal has also been shaped in many countries.


The game tries to depict what happened in the original movie and deepen the series into game content. Stormbreaker is built by content developers and tries to tell a story surrounding the rise of the game. As a teenage agent and his first mission, Alex Rider is to uncover the mystery of the character’s legendary tale. At the beginning of the game, the text-based dialogues also show players reasons for fighting and uncovering the secrets behind Alex Rider. The design teams also tried to make the script readable and the plot clear.


The game has a multitude of different challenges to take advantage of the film’s plot settings. So not only will you experience some lengthy hand-to-hand battles, but you will also be able to ride on pears. You will also take part in Army training to enhance your action and practice overcoming dangerous obstacles by sliding over the rope climbing ropes.

But the biggest issue is the core game design that surrounds all of these dreadful little challenges. Players are asked to run around and explore the environment to find and pick up valuable items; however, you may be blocked by maze patterns and walls that are difficult to climb.

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