[Gameboy Advance] Alien Hominid GBA

Alien Hominid GBA
Full nameAlien Hominid GBA
File size0.0
Genre Shooter
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

This game was released in 2004 and gave players a pretty enjoyable experience when receiving valuable rewards like other action and role-playing shooters. We are still really lacking in games that mark back to an era where reflexes dominated, and reactivity was not taken for granted. Alien Hominid is that game. The whole game is consecutive shooters, and the design style is sophisticated and rich in art.


Let’s talk about how to play. You can go through multiple shooters continuously. In addition, you also have to learn some moves to dodge bullets, bend over, and jump to dominate in real combat. You are also equipped with a variety of weapons and get yourself the best grenades. The hominid also has new moves such as scrolling quickly to the pot or to the left to surprise the enemy or lie on top of the enemy. Get the old protagonist can burrow quickly to hide when needed and avoid the opponent’s firebomb attacks. Significantly, under challenging battles, you may have to face a wide range of monsters singularities like metal bees or Soviet bears. In these cases, if you don’t have the right strategy and have enough accumulated weapons, you will be defeated immediately. You may have to play it over and over again in this level to get through.


The game does not have too much amazing music. However, the sound design is also essential to the game. The proof is that the movements and sounds of the different guns are detailed and not superficial. The game also gets the background sound of filtered acoustic guitars, and the plinky synthesizer that comes with PDA games adds a bit of fun to the urgency. The terrifying effect screams of opponents when killed are the same highlight when playing this game.

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