[Gameboy Advance] Alienators – Evolution Continues GBA

Alienators – Evolution Continues GBA
Full nameAlienators - Evolution Continues GBA
File size0.0
Genre Action , Platform
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Alienator: Evolution Continues is a platform and action game that has resonated quite a bit since its first launch. Expectations for the gameplay and the graphics of this genre on the GBA platform have been met quite well. However, the game’s key remains that gameplay is linearly tied to the storyline, which makes it seem even more attractive to handheld gaming enthusiasts who have gone through dozens of games in different fighting and action games.


To tell the story that takes place in this game, you are allowed to play some of the default characters in the game, who are aliens. Basically, a key figure in the government will tell you to put these people’s cells in a national prison, but the idiots who run the prison mess up the problem and the prisons. Aliens have a chance to escape. You need to find them with the pre-equipped stun gun and space suit and find a way to eliminate them.


With that said, you will play the role of this handsome guy in a spacesuit and a gun. You can move in many different environments without too much trouble. You can also do a variety of things like jumping, shooting while jumping mid-air, and bowing while shooting. These are also common skills in other games you’ll ever come across. There are also confrontations with enemies and fights, drained of blood, lost their lives, and revived. The difference, however, is perhaps the layout of opponents that you may fear. The appearance of competitive shoes can leave new players overwhelmed by constant gunfighting


Another plus point of the game is the beautiful graphics. The character texture in the game is exceptionally detailed, and when you kill an alien, they will have the effect of exploding and turning into a puddle of rust. And the game is not lagging at all. The animations since then are extraordinarily smooth and smooth. However, it can only be fun the first time you experience it. Otherwise, it will be hard to get excited the next time because of the graphics’ different colors on different levels.

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