[Gameboy Advance] All Grown Up – Express Yourself

All Grown Up – Express Yourself
Full nameAll Grown Up - Express Yourself
File size2.8MB
Genre Misc
Region Europe Europe
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

ALL GROWN UP – EXPRESS YOURSELF is a Misc game that is quite picky about players. It was first published in 2004 by THQ on the GBA platform for the European market. Relatively excellent graphics on the GBA platform.


The storyline in this game is based on the main content of the reality TV show. Ban will have to play a character named Angelica and find stories to tell in the school newspaper. You will be able to report from the simplest things like finding out Suzie’s cheater or finding out why Phil and Lil were fighting during class or why no one wanted to go to a birthday party. The plot also has the participation of many supporting characters like Z and his evil students.


You will control the main character in a relatively standard 2D format as she has to report on various issues going on around your town. It may not be easy because one of your goals is to find others. You will, of course, have hints to see them more easily. Portraits of people looking for them may appear somewhere around the map. Also, you can get suggestions from the game to find them and tell them. You will be able to explore the entire neighborhood where you, Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Suzie, and all the other kids in your school life, including the districts in which everyone lives.

You start each episode with a score of 9. If you get hit too many times, the score will drop to 3-4. You must quickly collect the most evidence to fight the dark hexagons in the town. If the time is not in time or your score drops to 0, you will die. However, you can also avoid most disasters because the character’s skills are very high. Some things are unavoidable. For example, you might get hit by a skateboard that any boy in the neighborhood controls. It is almost impossible to dodge collisions like this and could suffer injuries and unfortunately, deducted points.

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