[Gameboy Advance] All-Star Baseball 2003 Feat. Derek Jeter GBA

All-Star Baseball 2003 Feat. Derek Jeter GBA
Full nameAll-Star Baseball 2003 Feat. Derek Jeter GBA
File size0.0
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Acclaim’s All-Star Baseball brand is considered to be one of the most realistic games in the world. The game was first released in 2002 but only on the GB platform. It was not until 2003 that the game was franchised and expanded to many different platforms, including GBA. Over the past two years, the design team has continuously updated and edited to make the 2003 version pleasing to many players. Its accuracy and simulation are so detailed that it’s worth spending all day indoors with a handheld if you’re a genuine baseball enthusiast.

Game mode

You can play up to 20 consecutive seasons in franchise mode and get as many points and bonuses as possible. You can also win Cy Young and step on the final red carpet of fame by winning and winning all 20 seasons. In the business section, you could use your character’s branding to monitor your farm, bring out leads for them, and make a lot of advertising contract money. Suppose you are not satisfied with their policy. In that case, you might consider cutting the contract and signing it with another farm, which is very realistic with what’s going on with the baseball championship.

The exhibition mode can accommodate more people with up to 4 people. You can pre-select any of the 30 real teams in MLB. Or a legendary team is consisting of many of the most beloved players of all time, such as Willie Stargell, Robin Yount, and Rod Carew. For those who just love to play the top leagues, this mode lets you go straight to the World series to compete. This model also includes all the basic features of the franchise model, but not many legends unlocked, and the number of tournaments is much less.


The bar in All-Star Baseball 2003 can be said to be the most distinctive and outstanding. Anecdotes and spectator voices are provided in real-time and adapted to the ball situation. Comments were also added from the voices of the most famous commentators in the MLB tournament. Besides, the player’s impressive stats are also mentioned before each match. Again, the sound effects of the stadium are also very realistic. The smooth, traditional keyboard sound also supports the time interval between two different sets.

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