[Gameboy Advance] Altered Beast – Guardian Of The Realms GBA

Altered Beast – Guardian Of The Realms GBA
Full nameAltered Beast - Guardian Of The Realms GBA
File size0.0
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Altered Beast is the character that has appeared in the first action-packed and beat-packed video game from 1989 with the Sega Genes console. However, over time, the graphics system of this genre increasingly races for better quality. So the version with the name Altered Beast back this time recalled many memories for many people and had impressive breakthroughs in gameplay and graphics in making the game.


THQ’s Altered Beast: Guardian of the Realms for Game Boy Advance has a storyline that gives players a storyline that brings old memories to players. However, it also includes many differences with different character systems, enemies, and levels. You will play a dead boy’s role and be revived by the god Zeus to save your kingdom from the evil monster forces named Arcanon.


There are 15 different realms for you to learn and visit. Your mission of each battle screen is to fight and defeat the final bosses of each additional screen. You need to master various attacks, including kicks and punches. You can also jump up and down deeply to avoid enemies. This modern revamp has incorporated valuable attack and power-boosting items that you can collect from each victory and each level.


Using the Altered Beast image of the old version, every design of the game is affected more or less. All animations of the game are made very detailed and in-depth. The characters have a beautiful appearance, solid and much more complicated than the old version. The animations and battle effects are also quite appropriate, but a bit thrilling.


The digital sound effects are done quite catchy and quite addictive. You will hear sounds with a variety of emotional schools such as opponents screams from a series of screams from different monsters, and some pretty dramatic comments from the game’s AI. It also has very gentle background music tracks when you die for a while and while waiting for your revival.

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