[Gameboy Advance] Bible Game

Bible Game
Full nameBible Game
File size3.6MB
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

The trend of the gaming industry is catching a new direction. That is making games on the subject of religion. Although it may not be as popular today as other genres, it is bound to explode in a few years. And The Bible Game is one such game. This party game is structurally nothing too unique compared to other games on the market. However, due to its nature a lot of religious knowledge, it lacks the fun and variety inside games and questions are challenging, even for religious believers.

Game mode and story

This game is designed with two main game modes: TV mode and challenge mode. The challenge mode is essentially a mini-games for the main game in the television mode. Here, you will be joining up to 3 people. The interesting point is that although this is a Christian game, most of it is referenced by the New Testament book without the appearance of the Old Testament setting. TV games, and challenging games. The game is a mix of 20 minigames along with more than 1500 puzzles, big and small, all around the themes of the New Testament. You will have to be very sure about your knowledge of Christianity to pass these questions easily.


The game will be aboard with stained-glass windows. Each blank box will have the value of a specific score. After that, there may be different directions. Players may be directed to one or more questions to answer or lead to other minigames you and your partner have to join to save. There are a total of 12 games designed to follow the plot of the Catholic New Testament. A prime example is the story of David and Goliath. Here, you and your teammates will be able to use a slingshot to hit continuously moving cardboard. However, it has the weakness that the aiming system is annoying and inaccurate. In general, these minigames have a relatively simple and easy to understand the way of playing. Some games are exciting, but some games are just acceptable in terms of graphics and gameplay.

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