[Gameboy Advance] Bomber-Man Tournament

Bomber-Man Tournament
Full nameBomber-Man Tournament
File size2.3MB
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Bomberman Tournament is a game in the Bomberman series for the GBA. The game contains a multiplayer battle mode between linked Game Boy Advances.


The Bomber base originally sent down Max to investigate weird things going down on the planet below. Soon after Max was dispatched, they lost all communications with him. So now the original Bomberman (sloppy seconds) is their only hope to explore the area, rescue Max, and defeat Brain Bomber.


Most people say this is too short and easy, but if you take your time and don’t look at any guides, it can last you a long time. You’ll lay down bombs, with make plus shape blasts, so position yourself either diagonal from it or a long way away from it. Your karabons actually give you special powers like in Rayman instead of fighting like in Pokemon. A cool idea was put into this game, too; you have to fuse 2 karabons in each base to open up the door to the boss. That means you must acquire a special carbon within the base, then find the fusing machine, then find the boss door. It takes quite a while. In the bases, you’ll find armor and boots and bomb ups, which increase the number of bombs you can deploy simultaneously, and fire-ups, with increase your blast radius. All in all, I really enjoyed the single-player game.


The controls in Bomberman Tournament to be easy to use. A sets down the current type of bomb you have set. B uses your set Karabon’s special power(teleportation, detonation, shield, etc.). R brings down the item and carbon sub-menus, while Start lets you save or exit the game. No special tricks to moving Bomberman either-it’s all in the D-Pad.

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