[Gameboy Advance] Bookworm

Full nameBookworm
File size1.7MB
Genre Puzzle
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

PopCap is one of the longstanding brands, a guarantee of the quality of the games that this developer researches and develops. The games that this developer builds are often highly addictive in nature. The Bookworm series is also one of the Popcap series that made Popcap’s name in the international market. The game was first published in 2005 on the GBA platform. Young people will receive the game Boy Advance platform and.


Bookworm is a word finder and word guessing game with a DSi style of play. You will have to arrange words into at least a set of 3 letters on the touch screen, which will disappear from the screen and be replaced by other letters after being paired. There will be unique tiles depending on how you play. If you match the words with high scores, you will get blue tiles, sapphire, and other gems to improve your accumulated score.

These special word boxes will frequently appear if you repeatedly match sets of three letters. Burning bricks can, in some cases, fall to the bottom of the grid to destroy useless letters and give you extra points. But if you let them burn to the last letter, the game will be over immediately. In case you find the grid structure too difficult to discern the shape of the letter, you can turn it upside down. However, this can create more burnt bricks.

The game until now after many years of birth still has a strange attraction to many young people. Perhaps it can be called the best crossword puzzle of all time on multiple platforms. The game will help you keep track of reports related to essential metrics such as the number of triplets at most, a high number of 3-point sets. The ranking of those with the most triplets was unusually short. It only has the top 3 best people to make the list. The game is designed with very few profiles, so in general, you can not know who they are.

Game versions

Other versions of Bookworm, such as the Bonus Book, are a list of lots of words that you will be tested to complete the game. This version is more special than our theme version as it exists as a mobile app. This means you can play it on any popular electronic product like phone / iPad, etc. There is also a DSiWare version of the game that can be played on a web browser instead of an app or on the Game Boy Advance platform. However, the experience on specialized platforms is still appreciated in terms of game experience rather than integration in mobile applications.

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