[Gameboy Advance] Boxing Fever

Boxing Fever
Full nameBoxing Fever
File size4.6MB
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Boxing Fever for Game Boy Advance is one of the famous boxing games in the first person. Some other favorite games in this genre, such as Digital Champ for TurboGrafx-16, Evander Holyfield’s Real Deal Boxing, also have similar stories. All you see in front of the screen are your opponents on the ring and their punching hands in the ring.

Game feature

The game has a set of designs for eight characters that are relatively unique and are named with names quite suitable to their looks and fighting abilities. You can join free competitions or challenge your other opponents in 5 game modes, including Champion, Survival, Single, Two-Player, or Coach. Champion mode allows you to play the role of 1 of 8 characters and branch competition each round to find the champion. When you pause and reopen, the game will incorporate a few simple passwords to reactivate and resume it.


The movements are relatively simple, including blocking and punching. However, the buttons on the side allow you to dodge left or right to avoid the opponent’s punch. You can press the D key if you want to hit the opponent in the face and press the down button if you’re going to punch the opponent’s body. You hold down the left or right button to perform round ball punches to either side of your opponent. The gameplay of this game is relatively simple, so that you may get bored after a few matches.

However, Boxing Fever also has some unique movement combination features that you can learn by playing the game’s practice modes. The AI ​​of warriors is relatively diverse. It allows 2 to more players to play at the same time, and it’s pretty cool.


On the surface, Boxing Fever is relatively prominent with relatively well-invested graphics. The game is quite similar to cartoon scenes with highly detailed character designs as well as impressive fighters. The color of the game is designed quite eye-catching and suitable for intense matches. Besides, the audience in each match is also made quite detailed, and the sound is relatively good. The first perspective has some limitations when the player has difficulty controlling the surrounding space due to the too fast panning speed.

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