[Gameboy Advance] Casper

Full nameCasper
File size1.2MB
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Casper is an action and adventure game released on the Gam Body Advance platform. The game was first released in 1996 and later versions in 1997 and 2002. The game’s plot was taken from the 2005 film by author Kinuyo Yamashita.


Casper is a game whose plot evolved from one of its movies. The story in the game is not too elusive. We have a trio of demons who plan to turn all towns into a zombie yard under their command. The purpose of this is not clearly stated in the game, but the need to save the situation is still true. The neighboring lands are also in danger of being annexed. Many children have been poisoned, and if these spells cannot be broken, the whole town will be lost in a sea of corpses. Dr. Harvey and the ghost Casper have worked together to create the best antidote but are hindered by the evil trio. You join the game to protect these people.


The gameplay that the developer wants to build is mostly fun puzzle games. You will have to answer questions to find secret ingredients and mirrors, as well as the castle keys and much more. You will play the role of a kind ghost, capable of stealth to walk through the castle walls and overcome obstacles. At other higher levels, it will have more action situations instead of solving it. You will have to sabotage the bad guys’ attacks on people. If you fail to kill Harvey, then the mission failed, and you have to start over.

You also have the same duty to rescue the kids. You cannot leave them alone because demons will harm them. In some situations, you must take advantage of the abilities and skills available at the bottom of the screen to destroy the devil. Before the timer runs out, you must complete the goal you set.

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