[Gameboy Advance] Classic NES – Pac-Man

Classic NES – Pac-Man
Full nameClassic NES - Pac-Man
File size3.7MB
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Classic NES – Pac-Man is a special maze arcade game developed and released by Namco in 1980.


The story behind Pac-Man is as old as time itself – the smiley face thing gets captured, the good guy goes out to rescue it. It’s a common trend that can be traced throughout history, from the French and American Revolutions’ ideals to the wonderful Age of Exploration. All revolve around that quest for the ever-loving smiley face.


Consider what Pac-Man was doing. It wasn’t trying to shoot down anybody, nor was it a test of patience of being precise. This was about the title character eating everything in sight that Namco created spawned this craze of everyone wanting their own character and establishing them as one of the best. As the title character, you are in a maze. Your goal is to eat every pellet in it and advance to the next level. Rinse and repeat. Twice in the level, the fruit will appear, and you can eat it if you can make it before it disappears after a certain amount of time. Very simple.

You are in the confines of a maze. What stands between you and victory are four ghosts. They are distinct and have patterns similar to aliens in Galaxian. And when beginning a maze, they go to their corners. After a short period of time, they will decide to go after Pac-Man. Each one has a method of going after him. There is a little bit of strategy.

The size of the maze is good enough to know where to go and slip past them. It has tunnels that can slow them down a little bit, but do hope you don’t get sandwiched if you enter one and come from both sides. Then there’s the power pellet. It’s a way of relieving the stress of getting chased and increasing your score. They are limited, and the time limit of their use varies. Prepare yourself if you want to get to the harder mazes

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