[Gameboy Advance] Classic NES – The Legend Of Zelda

Classic NES – The Legend Of Zelda
Full nameClassic NES - The Legend Of Zelda
File size535.1KB
Genre Action , Adventure
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Released in the Stone Age of Video Games, this game stands as one of the most influential games ever released. Nintendo players quickly sent Nintendo’s message by making this one of the most played games released on the old NES, with this release staying in the top ten games as voted by Nintendo Power readers for several years.


The evil Ganon desires the Triforce so that he may rule over the land. Princess Zelda has split the Triforce into 9 separate pieces and scattered them throughout dungeons all over Hyrule. In hopes that she will tell him where they are, Ganon has kidnapped the Princess. You are Link, and the only way to rescue Zelda and save Hyrule is to obtain the 9 Triforce Fragments and use their power to vanquish Ganon.


This is the strong point of this truly amazing game. You must walk around and defeat enemies using various weapons and techniques. Some Enemies may only be hit from behind, while others will retreat to cliff faces. Some monsters are more aggressive, and some are just plain annoying. Wallmasters, for instance, will grab you when you get close to a Boss Fight and bring you back to the beginning of the dungeon!

The other half of the game is spent solving puzzles that are innovative, challenging, and fun to complete. As you progress through the dungeons, you will pick up various weapons and equipment along the way, such as a Bow, Bombs, a Boomerang that stuns enemies, and sometimes a clock that freezes enemies for 10 seconds. Hidden Grottos pepper the Overworld of Hyrule, where you may find a helpful hint towards your next goal, or perhaps even a shop, where you can replenish your supplies.


D-Pad to move around, and B and A to use items. Simple yet perfect. Nothing more is needed, and it fits the game perfectly. Control is very tight, unlike a lot of NES games. You will find that the moment you press a button, the action will happen without any delay at all.

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