[Gameboy Advance] Crash Bandicoot – Fusion

Crash Bandicoot – Fusion
Full nameCrash Bandicoot - Fusion
File size7.2MB
Genre Platform
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

This is one of the games that were released that has both Crash and Spyro in it, Here is our review:


Cortex and Ripto have decided to work together in this adventure. They had a first plan to poison all the apples in the land, But then they realized that Crash and Spyro don’t eat apples so they came up with another plan. The plan is to create A new army of riptocs with Spyros faces, so the heroes will fight each other, the story is the usual collect crystals and gems, although there is no time trial in this game. Simple but effective storyline.


The gameplay of this game is like all other Crash games. You go into different “mini-games” this time, to collect the Purple Power Gems. Of course, each mini-game will get harder and there will be more tasks to do. Once you collect 5, you fight the world boss. There are also Clear Gems that you collect for doing certain things.

Party Mode for this game can be playable for all your mini-games unlocked. Once you unlock a course/bonus mini-game, you can play new ones. You can also lnk up with other friends and play mini-games with them.

During the game you can collect valuable cards. You can get them from events, bonuses, or find them. The more you collect, the better your deck will be. It’s a real challenge to collect every card though.


The controls for this game are really simple but really effective. All there is to it is That A is to jump and B is to spin.

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