[Gameboy Advance] Crash Bandicoot XS (Paracox)

Crash Bandicoot XS (Paracox)
Full nameCrash Bandicoot XS (Paracox)
File size4.0MB
Genre Action , Platform
Region Europe Europe
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Crash Bandicoot is a platform game that was first released in 2002 on portable consoles. Vicarious Visions and Universal Interact are the units responsible for developing and publishing this game, respectively.


After failing with the plan to invade the earth. Uka Uka was extraordinarily depressed and made up her mind to prepare resources and returned to revenge again. After a while, they successfully found enough white crystals to power a planet called the Planetary Minimizer, which can shrink the earth into an apple. After making this feat, they had a good celebration, but it wasn’t long before Crash, and his friends found a way to reverse the minimizer’s effectiveness. Cortex tried to save the situation by trying to kill Crash, but this way backfired and turned the machine into a giant monster. The earth is back to normal but is facing the dangers of that monster


When participating in the game, your mission is role-playing Crash to try to search for purple objects in the universe. This will help the earth return to its original state. You will have to overcome a series of challenges, including 20 levels and five final bosses to destroy. The crystals will be hidden in a closed case, which can be eliminated once you complete the request along the way. There are four centers, corresponding to 20 levels and five bosses to kill. You need to try to find the crystals while breaking the boxes to complete the objectives required by the system. These tablets help you increase strength and bring many other valuable items. Crash’s skills are relatively simple. It is mostly forward to jumping and attacking situations. You will have to practice to improve your skills in avoiding enemies and overcoming obstacles. Challenge mode will be for those who complete the whole story. Here, you have to achieve specific objectives with difficulty in the allotted time, and in the end, you will receive a gold, silver, or bronze card.

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