[Gameboy Advance] Creatures

Full nameCreatures
File size2.7MB
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

In reality, our lives have been associated with reality TV shows. Watching YouTube creators and listening to them, watching them talk about their lives is fascinating, and it becomes a habit to the obsession of a not small part of young people. However, in the early 1990s, a game was created that simulates real life in a platform where the player makes different creatures and controls it. Live your life.


The game takes place in the land of Albia. In this land, players have to incarnate into the Scrubby people to look after and bring Norwegians into their world. You will have to have six children in this world to have the right to open the gate to take but the other one to the next world, and of course, the rest must have both males to breed. This is the rule of the game.

You can teach Norms to live the right way. You also have to take care of the Norwegians like pictured with a shadow to feed them, feed them, and teach them everything. Training will be difficult as Norwegians often forget what they need to do, even though they are very obedient. You can stimulate the Norwegians to reproduce by giving them a taste of the freshest fruit.

The breeding work makes this game even more outstanding in terms of difficulty. Norms use a kiss to reproduce. Children will usually resemble their parents and inherit all the knowledge that the parents learn. So the more Norms give birth, the more intelligent they become. In contrast, Norwegians are less intelligent. Many babies are born with disabilities and die or have singularities in their mental and mental stability. You can test the game camp for more detailed information.


This is possibly the weakest point of this game. The slow frame rate, coupled with the protagonist’s heavy and slow movement style, makes it a mess. Norms have many flashy colors, but the GBA platform is not too robust in hardware, making the game color visibly messed up. Even the lack of initial animation to introduce the game is a minus point for this little game. It will make the player quite confusing and feel strange, although we bet that few people care about the animation.

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