[Gameboy Advance] Dark Arena

Dark Arena
Full nameDark Arena
File size3.5MB
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

Dark Arena was the first FPS announced for Game Boy Advance for the European and American markets in 2002, with graphics similar to classic shooters but built on handhelds. The entire game is constructed and played out on a relatively compact GBA screen. If you have never experienced a shooter in the GBA platform before, you may be a little strange.


The story of the game is built around a training facility full of soldiers on an isolated island. Here, Grafting genes to create genetically engineered organisms is dangerous to the human world. You will play the main character is Angelina Bradshaw, and colleagues have decided to eliminate this danger. However, they are pushed back to the center of the base and killed, leaving only the main character alive. She is then directed to the nuclear plant on the island’s outskirts as a last resort to eliminate evil criminals.


All missions are relatively small designs around running, shooting, and unlocking the main doors with the corresponding keys. Most of these operations are pretty straightforward when it comes to hardware limitations on this platform. The weapons are also relatively diverse when you start with a shotgun. In the next rounds, you will, in turn, receive other guns such as long guns, plasma rifles as well as rocket launchers.

This game has a potent weapon is a guided missile. This weapon allows you to pass through many different corridors and has a vast field of view. You also get self-targeting and enable you to shoot at enemies in most parts of the game’s axis. However, this feature does not always work well. You need to lure it into the target, and this takes time and effort.

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