[Gameboy Advance] Demikids – Light Version

Demikids – Light Version
Full nameDemikids - Light Version
File size5.1MB
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)

DEMIKIDS LIGHT VERSION is an action role-playing game in the popular Demikids series. This game is developed by various companies including index corporation and first published by Atlus in 2003.

Story and Plot

The plot of the game is set from ancient times. At that time, Imperious forces appeared and plotted to take over the world. However, having discovered the conspiracy and did not want this to happen, the DemiKids descendants tried to stop this crime. During the battle, Jin and Akira’s parents perished while trying to push the evil spirits out of space and ensure humanity’s safety. Years later, the two children grew up and went to high school. Unfortunately, the Imperious has somehow returned and tried to awaken the dark side of DemiKids. They kidnap a relative named Lena of Jin and Akira and send them to another star. The two brothers have to stand up together against the devil, holding and gather strength to rescue the friend to save the world.


In terms of combat structure, this game allows you to play with up to 3 warriors on the same battlefield instead of just one. The battle zones are divided into 20 independent zones, scattered on the world map, and fully open from the start. You can explore and choose your favorite map. On the way, you will have to fight the more powerful demons with equipped items such as fire, ice, light, and darkness, depending on the type. So you try to get stronger before fighting

To upgrade, you have many different ways. Among them, the most outstanding one can be the merging of 2 characters into one individual to become stronger. In addition, you can still earn bonus points through the game screen and be leveled up.

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